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5 Reasons To Dance This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Need a reason to do some moving and grooving this holiday season? Here are five!

  1. Give yourself a break
    • During the holiday season, it’s easy to give a lot and feel burnt out at the end. Coming in for a dance will give you some much needed “me” time
  1. Make space for all those delicious homemade goodies
    • When grandma makes that awesome pumpkin pie or mom bakes those perfect sugar cookies, how do you say no? My advice? Don’t say no. Treat yourself to some dancing. Then treat yourself to seconds (of dancing AND delicious goodies!)
  1. Warm up
    • It gets cold out. Dancing warms you up. Need I say more?
  1. Be prepared for holiday parties
    • Holidays mean business functions, family parties, and a variety of other activities. What happens if there’s dancing? A lesson or two will help prepare you for whatever comes your way
  1. Too many cooks in the kitchen
    • I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been kicked out of the kitchen more than my fair share for being under foot. Give the chef some breathing room. Take a lesson!

Have other reasons? Feel free to share them with me at We look forward to seeing you, and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Written by: Ross Nielsen, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Puget Sound
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