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Dance Classes in Bellevue

Nestled among botanical gardens, woodlands, wetlands, and encircling Lake Washington, Bellevue is known by locals as one of Washington’s most beautiful cities. Its blend of business and culture creates the landscape for a richly-lived life.

The Arthur Murray School of Dance in Bellevue represents the finest in professional ballroom dance classes and has become a favorite activity for many of the city’s residents. Drop by to meet our instructors and get to know your local venue for a world-class dance experience!

Our Bellevue studio trains:

bellevue dance classes casual dancers

Casual Dancers

Add an energizing social activity,
get to know your partner better, or
prepare for a special event

bellevue dance classes competitive ballroom dancers

Ballroom Competitors

Polish your technique and
add to your repertoire as a
competitive ballroom dancer

13122 NE 20th St. #200, Bellevue WA 98005

(425) 490-4296

Just minutes from downtown Bellevue

Join us for music and fun at our Bellevue Arthur Murray School of Dance, located east of I-405 in the 520 Plaza. If you’re near Viewpoint Park or Bellevue Highlands Park, we’re close by!

Our studio is located at 13122 NE 20th Street, Suite #200

Groups, couples, and individuals at all levels of ability are welcome. We are easily accessible to residents in Crossroads, Bridle Trails, Medina, and West Bellevue, as well as the greater Kirkland, Redmond, and Bellevue areas. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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Reviews & Testimonials

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Meet Sandy

Sandy just moved to Seattle and keeps telling her co-workers that she can’t come out with them when they invite her to go dancing. After a few lessons at Arthur Murray, she gets to say yes!

dance lessons bellevue washington wedding dance lessons

Weddings and Special Events

Are you wanting to put together a group dance number for a special event? We’ll help you with choreography and get your whole group dancing their parts with confidence!

We also help nervous brides and grooms get ready for a ballroom number or first dance. Arthur Murray Studios have always been the go-to for wedding dance lessons. Let us show you why.

No matter your reason for coming in, you’ll learn to dance in a comfortable atmosphere that caters to (and maximizes) your technical proficiency.

Lessons are structured to fit your schedule as you prepare for the big day. Join us at our Bellevue location and see how much fun you can have!

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Dance Styles for Casual Practice or Dancesport

Your first steps as a dancer? Find the style of dance that speaks to you. This will inspire self-expression while helping you move more naturally to particular types of music.

Continue reading to see some examples of the styles and dance classes offered at our Bellevue studio.
You’ll find Latin ballroom dancing as well as styles that are distinctly American (US).

dance lessons and classes bellevue


The sweeping, slow tempo of the bolero is the main source of its beauty. It is romantic, emotional and deliberate. Drama is produced by articulating the sweeping rhythms of the slow and sensual music. It works well with emotionally-charged songs, whether they’re performed by a Spanish guitar, Whitney Houston or The Cure.

salsa dance classes bellevue


“And a-cha-cha-cha!” That’s just one of the rhythms of this Cuban-born dance, accentuated by staccato movements on a steady 4/4 beat. As skill level progresses, more layers, complex patterns and personal flourishes emerge. Full of fun and personality, the Cha Cha works well with a lot of current club music and is a great dance to learn!


Country songs both traditional and modern inspire the glides, steps, taps and turns of this genre of dance. It’s hard to go wrong with this unique style, with or without cowboy boots.


Foxtrot is the playful middle ground between swagger and grace. The style is classic and rhythmic, and our fearless founder (Arthur Murray) is credited with standardizing the style so it could be taught consistently and effectively. Though the Foxtrot has been around since the 1910s, this dance is best expressed through big band music or some of those great ’50s rock ‘n roll records.


Inspired by classic disco of the ‘70s, the Hustle continues to be seen on the dance floor. These days, the music can be electronica, hip hop, or even post-punk with that underlying disco beat. Turns, spins and wraps are featured heavily in this dance style.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve been looking for a healthy, fun, and engaging switch up… Achieve it in one step!


From the Mambo came the Cha-Cha and Salsa styles. The Afro-Cuban beat of the Mambo inspires high energy and flirtatious partnering. What was that dance that Johnny taught Baby in Dirty Dancing? That’s right – the Mambo.


The Merengue is a style of Dominican dance and music. Dancers keep a steady marching beat and articulate from the core of the body, drawing patterns along the floor.


The Quickstep is just like it sounds – upbeat with brisk footwork. Dancers must look elegant and agile. You’ll need to bring high energy and attention to detail for this light-hearted style.


“Rumba” is an umbrella term for several flavors of music from different regions around the world, but the ballroom Rhumba is based on Afro-Cuban rhythms. The style uses hip movements and steps similar to the Cha-Cha but at a slower pace.


Salsa is a spicy nightclub favorite that combines traditional Latin steps with improvised movements. It’s a sexy evolution of the Cha-Cha and Mambo.


The high energy and soul of Brazil is encapsulated in the Samba. It was on full display during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics opening ceremonies, and its many regional variants can be seen at the yearly Carnival (Carnaval do Brasil). This is a sexy dance that attracts confidence. And even if you don’t come with confidence, you’ll certainly leave with some.


“Swing” can include styles like the Lindy Hop, Balboa, and the Charleston. The essential character is jazzy and vigorous. No matter the style or speed it’s danced at, swing dancing is contagiously fun.


Gracefully danced at an exhilarating tempo, this is not the slow 1-2-3 that you might expect when you hear “waltz.” This is the Viennese variant, where fast pace meets poise. This waltz is your opportunity to embody “grace under pressure”!


The tango is yearning and intricate, danced in an embrace. Danced best to sultry or emotional music with a strong beat, both Argentine and ballroom Tango are all about partner dynamics. Partners must learn to be sensitive to each other’s steps. Improvisation. Emotion. Unspoken communication. These are the characteristics that bring a tango to life.

Bellevue City Bio

Across Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue is the third largest city in the Seattle Metropolitan area and the second largest city center in all of Washington State. Known for its growth in business and economy, many large companies have headquarters here, including T-Mobile and Expedia.

Derived from the French, Bellevue means “Beautiful View,” an appropriate description for the area. The Bellevue Arthur Murray School of Dance provides ballroom dance classes to numerous communities in the area including Bellecrest, Bridle Trails, Crossroads, Eastgate/Cougar Mountain, Factoria, Newport, Northeast Bellevue, Northwest Bellevue, Sammamish/East Bellevue, Somerset, Sunset, West Bellevue, West Lake Hills, Woodridge, and more.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are skilled dancers who are there to grow your confidence. That means tailoring dance lessons to each
individual. Our goal is to guide you toward good technique and always nurturing a positive atmosphere.

dance classes bellevue

Russ Clark | Master Franchisee

dance classes bellevue

Emily | Studio Director

dance classes bellevue

Jimena | Supervisor

dance classes bellevue

Sonita | Office Manager

dance classes bellevue

Kasey | Executive admin

dance classes bellevue

Jacque | Instructor

dance classes bellevue

Yaunique | Instructor

dance classes bellevue

Miko | Instructor

dance classes bellevue

Tre | Instructor

dance classes bellevue

Ross | Instructor & Communications Consultant

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