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Virtual Coachings With Bobby Gonzalez!

Hey all of you Arthur Murray-ans!

Thursday, May 27 is a special day! Want know why? The one and only Mr. Roberto (aka “Bobby”) Gonzalez is doing a virtual Salsa seminar at 7 pm! He’s also available for virtual coachings, so be sure to reach out to your studio executives to sign up.

And, as an added bonus, below is a video interview with Mr. Gonzalez about the benefits of a virtual lesson/coaching:



In case you want to skip ahead to certain parts of the video, here are the time stamps for each section:

– 00:00 – Intro & “Learn A Bit About Bobby Gonzalez”

– 02:08 – “What Is A Coaching?”

– 04:35 – “Benefits Of A Coaching”

– 06:15 – “Are Coachings Better For New or Advanced Students?”

– 08:56 – “Do I Need To Prepare Anything Or Bring Props?”

– 11:05 – “Does The Size Of The Room Matter?”

– 12:36 – “How Many Studios Have You Been To?”

– 14:05 – “Final Thoughts”


Looking forward to seeing you at Bobby’s seminar!

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