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Fun Facts About Arthur Murray

Whether you know about Arthur Murray through his lessons on TV, have stepped foot in one of our studios, or just like following our blog (#bestideaever), there are probably a bunch of things you don’t know about the man behind the studio, Arthur Murray himself. Here are six fun facts.

  1. Had two daughters, one of whom married the now famous Dr. Henry Heimlich, known for the anti-choking maneuver bearing his name (the Heimlich Maneuver)
  2. Was famed as the teacher of the upper class, with a student roster that included Eleanor Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and the Duke of Windsor
  3. Lived to the ripe old age of 95 (thanks to dancing, perhaps?)
  4. Made two little-known dances into nationwide crazes: the Lambeth Walk and the Big Apple
  5. Was married to his wife, Kathryn, for 65 years
  6. During the Great Depression, he had in his employ a few impoverished aristocrats including a baroness, several countesses, and a prince from what is now Belarus (at the time is was known as “White Russia”)

Interesting, right? Do you know any other cool tidbits about Arthur Murray? If so, let us know! And make sure to check back next week for more great articles!

Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Puget Sound
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