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Gain Confidence Through Dance!

Gain Confidence Through Dance!

Skip the self-help section of your local bookstore and sign up for dance lessons! Gaining confidence through dance is a surprising solution to your social anxiety.

Here are a few ways dancing will naturally boost your confidence levels:

One-on-one Instruction

Your private dance lessons are designed to be directly focused on your learning and dance goals. During your lesson, your teacher will ask questions, provide encouragement, and use analogies and examples specific to your life experiences to help you understand the dance.

This will help you gain a strong understanding of the material, as well as allow you to become comfortable conversing with someone one-on-one. When the time is right and your teacher feels you are ready, you will be recommended to join a group class!

Group Interactions

Semi-private group classes include only your fellow students who are also taking regular private lessons. If you have had a negative experience in the past with group classes, you may be surprised at how different Arthur Murray group class experiences are!

Group classes are divided by skill level so you can be confident you know just as much as the person standing next to or across from you! Group classes are a great way to get to know your fellow dance students without all the pressure of dancing independent from a teacher’s guidance. This prepares you for dancing confidently on your own!

Party skills

Once you have a group class or two under your belt, a practice party at our Arthur Murray Dance Schools are a great way to test your new knowledge on your own. If you need any help though, dance teachers are there to step in assist you!

Since you will be dancing without the instruction of a teacher to follow, it’s your first chance to dance patterns and movements from muscle memory. Thankfully, you will typically only be dancing with other students, so you know they are already somewhat familiar with what you can do!


To take your confidence to the next level, you can either take your skills ‘to the streets’ and clubs and dance without instructors present, or with complete strangers. If you’re not quite ready to go solo, dancing at an exhibition event can be the final way to build that confidence.

Our best students are the ones that perform choreographed or semi-choreographed dances with their instructors or with a fellow student at our events. Showcases, Medal Balls, Festivals, and Dance-O-Rama’s are events held throughout the year for just this purpose.

Even if you have only had one lesson, you can still showcase what you know and receive valuable feedback from dance industry experts. Plus, you might even have more fun than you ever thought possible!

All of our dance opportunities are created with your success in mind. We want you to be confident wherever you take your dancing, and following the programs and recommendations of your teacher is proven to be the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to accomplish your goals.

If you want to build confidence through dance lessons, check out any of our six studios to get started. Or give us a call and we’ll help you get started!

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