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Get Fit At Any Age

When exercising, much like in life, we have natural ups and downs. We get frustrated because we feel we’re not happy with our rate of advancement, or excited because we just achieved a major goal. And our needs change as we age. The good news? There’s something we can do about!

Here’s how we can sum up our exercise needs in each age group:

  • Under-20: Build strong bones, promote healthy sleep patterns, and manage stress/anxiety
  • 20s: Physical prime; build muscle to develop healthy habits and sustain you later in life
  • 30s: Exercises to battle mounting time constraints (read: high intensity exercises)
  • 40s: Optimize metabolism with resistance training
  • 50s: Maintain muscle mass
  • 60s: Reduce risk of possible chronic conditions
  • 70s+: Stay active to maintain healthy habits and keep up social connections

Want to know something cool? Ballroom dance is good for each age group, as it helps build coordination and muscle, is as high intensity as you want it to be (don’t believe me? Look for videos on samba, salsa, or jive), works the metabolism, and is a great activity to pursue as you continue into your 70s, 80s and beyond.

Moral of the story? Movement is key and keep it interesting. So find what works for you and stick with it. Here’s to happy and healthy aging!

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