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Help Your Heart

Whether or not you’re in your 70s, think about this: regular exercise can give you a heart that’s up to 30 years younger than people your own age. I say “70”, because there was a study done involving 70 year olds who exercised regularly. Check out this article I was just reading on NPR.

Pretty cool, right? Wanna know the best part? Regular exercise is within your grasp. A great option? Why, ballroom dance, of course! Whether it’s fast-paced, cardio intensive dances like salsa, swing, samba, or merengue, or low-impact dances like foxtrot, waltz, or rumba, ballroom dance gives you the opportunity to get some exercise in a fun environment.

So, do your heart a favor, pick up the phone and call your local studio. While we’d love to see you here at Arthur Murray, dancing anywhere will give you the kind of heart-healthy exercise you need, so give it a try!

Written by: Ross Nielsen, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Puget Sound
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