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7 Ways To Be An In-Demand PWP (Person Who Parties)

With fall and winter comes the promise of parties and celebrations. We just wrapped up Halloween, Thanksgiving is coming up, and after that a host of other winter activities. To get you ready, here are seven tips to help you be an in-demand person who parties, or PWP for short (and if there’s dancing, even better!).

  1. Circulate
    • In ballroom dance, this means rotating through dance partners. At a social party, this means engaging with a variety of people. You never know where your next memorable conversation will occur, so move outside of your comfort zone!
      • Challenge: Introduce yourself to everyone at the party using this script. “Hi, my name is [insert name]. It’s nice to meet you.” Then ask: “How do you know the host(ess)?” or “Would you like to dance?
  2. Be Aware
    • Just as there are some people who have no problem diving into the fun, others need to wade slowly in and occasionally need some help doing so. You can be that person! And take my word for it: it feels pretty incredible knowing that you helped someone have a memorable experience.
  3. Laugh & Smile
    • This one seems to go without saying, but the more fun you seem to be having, the more approachable you are. Even if you don’t feel it, fake it ‘til you do. It’s kind of like the laughing exercise: if you force yourself to laugh for a couple minutes, you’ll reach a point where you actually find it all comical and continue laughing. It’s pretty cool! And people like being around others who are having fun.
  4. Acknowledge Your Appreciation
    • Whether you’ve just finished a dance with someone or wrapped up a great conversation, voice your appreciation. Even something as simple as “I really enjoyed myself, thank you” will go far. And at the end of an event, be sure to thank the host.
  5. Let Yourself Go
    • Throw yourself into it. Let your inhibitions go. If you don’t know many people there, all the better. They don’t have any preconceptions about who you are, so you can be whoever you want to be. And who knows? You might enjoy yourself.
  6. Stand Up Straight
    • Even if you have bad posture, force yourself to stand up straight. Much like the “fake it ‘til you make it” mantra, if you have good posture, you’ll start to feel as confident as you look. And confidence is a great quality to have at a party.
  7. Keep The Conversation Light
    • Whether dancing or standing next to the punch bowl, stick to neutral conversation topics. The more you avoid hot button topics like religion and politics the greater chances you’ll have of getting along with everyone. You only get one shot at a first impression, so you might as well make it a good one, right?

The idea of large social gatherings might be your own personal nightmare, but the good news is that you can build up your tolerance of these events. But start small. Attend one party for 10 minutes and leave while you’re still feeling good. Then attend the next one for 15 or 20 minutes. And slowly build up from there. The sooner you start, the more prepared you’ll feel for the big ones that come up. So try out my challenge and see where it gets you. But most of all? Enjoy the journey and revel in your new status as a PWP!

Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Puget Sound
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