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Real Men Dance

What’s your excuse for not learning to dance? One of my favorites is real men don’t dance. How crazy is that? In my experience, real men are confident they can be good at anything they choose.

Reminds me of a time I was out at the club, dancing with a variety of different women while my buddies mocked me. “What happened to that tough, former jock?”, they asked. My response? “Who’s the real man? The guy who has the confidence and ability to dance with 10 different women or the guy who has neither and sits behind the bar watching?”

Another excuse I hear from guys? “I have two left feet” or “I’m too clumsy”. Didn’t we all suck at something before we got good at it?  After all, we become good at everything else in life through coaches and mentors, by taking lessons and reading books. That’s how we develop our athletic skills, automotive knowledge, and other general man stuff. Which means you don’t have an excuse. You’re simply choosing between being a good dancer and being a bad dancer. That’s it.

The last excuse I’ll mention is the infamous “I don’t have rhythm”. Believe it or not, but no one was born with rhythm, which means rhythm can be learned. Sure, some of us have a little bit more naturally, but that’s mostly environmental.

Once you’re done making excuses, get off your butt and turn a great thing like dancing into a life skill. Then, find a great teacher who understands where you’re coming from, someone who will give you the tools necessary to feel less clumsy. Once you do that, you’ll realize dance is one of the all-time best social mixers and is not only something every “real” man should know, it’s his responsibility to know. So, man up and learn to dance!

Written by: Russ Clark /// Master Franchisee & Area 6 Director

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