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Repetition Is Key

The other day I was teaching a new concept to a student and got the ever-so-familiar “yep, got it” after demonstrating it for them. As adults, it’s relatively easy to grasp a concept in one’s mind. What’s harder? Translating said concept into the body. The key to making that possible is repetition.

More importantly, repeat the basics. I’ve seen incredible scientists with their high school textbooks in their office and great writers who re-read “The Elements of Style” to re-iterate the basics.

This is key because we start to forget the basics as we learn more advanced information. I know plenty of students who don’t remember more basic materials. Why? Because they’re focused on more recent, complex components.

Moral of the story? Give yourself permission to be a beginner no matter where you are in your skill. If you’re just starting out, repeat the basics to become better. If you’ve been doing this for a while, repeat the basics to get in touch with the elements that made you great. Humility is an incredible asset in the pursuit of greatness.

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