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The Arthur Murray Difference

Why Arthur Murray Dance Schools?


There are many places offering ballroom dance lessons in the Puget Sound Area, from Bellevue to North Seattle, to Tacoma. But are they the right places to learn? What is the Arthur Murray Difference?

The Arthur Murray Difference

In ballroom dance, as with any other service you may obtain, we believe strongly that “you get what you pay for.”


When you take lessons at other studios, you will likely learn a few patterns or movements, but will you be able to dance to every song with any partner? Will you truly own your dancing, or are you just renting a few patterns to use when just the right song comes on?


Many of our students want to learn to dance on their own as an individual or as a couple, just for fun, socially, or in preparation for a wedding or special event. The Arthur Murray methods of teaching and syllabus have been carefully cultivated over the last 100+ years to provide our students with a lifelong ability to dance to any music with any partner at any time.


Further, we offer countless opportunities to receive instruction from our international coaches and specialists, so you’re not just as good as one instructor. Look for a studio that hosts events and outlets are for your dancing beyond the studio walls.

These are the factors you should think about before selecting a studio. When it comes to Arthur Murray Schools of Dance, here are the advantages you can expect to benefit from:


  • An established system of teaching tested and proven for more than 100 years
  • World-class instruction from dancers who have earned their credentials through testing and certification processes
  • Access to traveling dance consultants who have spent their entire lives in the business of learning, teaching, and competing with dance
  • Countless opportunities for dancing and socialization
  • More than 280 studios worldwide that can keep your dancing on track whether you have to relocate or if you are just in town and don’t want to miss a single lesson
  • A syllabus for dances structured around ease-of-learning while paying respect to the cultural essence of the dances.


You may be looking for lessons because you have “two left feet” or you “want to look like I know what I’m doing” on the dance floor — invest your time, resources, and energy in a company that is known worldwide for its ability to create lasting results for all students regardless of ability, age, or goals.


With Arthur Murray Dance Schools, you can have confidence that whatever you would like to accomplish with your dancing, we will help you get there as quickly but as effectively as possible. We can’t wait to get you started dancing!


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