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Top 5 Must-Have Dances to Increase Your Sex Appeal

This new year, shake a little spice into your dance program by checking out our top five must-have dances that will surely add confidence and increase your sex appeal. As these dances are designed to get you to move, don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to get up and let loose while you’re reading!

  1. Salsa – Most major cities you travel to for business or play have a social Salsa scene, though you can do Salsa anywhere, be it in an upscale lounge, your living room, or on the street (love street dances!).  As most people know a Salsa move or two, adding patterns and hips will impress your friends and family, and will help you have a good time on the dance floor. Your sex appeal will definitely sky rocket! 😉
  2. Samba – I know what you’re thinking: “WHATTTT?!” Yes, Samba! What better dance to use for an overall exercise? Combine the swift moving of the hips, the constant changing tempos, isolations throughout your core, a bunch of exercises to enhance your dance skill, and you’ll get the WHOLE body moving in no time. And if you want to shed any weight, Samba will help you fit into your flashy dance costume #teamskinny
  3. Tango – Nothing exudes more passion than the father of all passionate dances, TANGO! This dance creates so many stories on the floor and helps add a shroud of mystery to your already established awesomeness. Do you want to become that bold, sultry, and sought-after partner? Give Tango a go!! What do you have to lose?
  4. Bolero – Now, although I recommend a really strong working knowledge in Rumba, Bolero will force you to get to the gooey stuff right from the basic! Arm styling, stretching, and even sultry movements are key ingredients for Bolero, making it a “Must Have” dance.
  5. Cha Cha – Seeing as most Top 40s songs are Cha Cha friendly, why not use the most flirtatious dance to add fun movements and build confidence while increasing your sex appeal?! Added bonus: you can use the patterns to dance with or without a partner, perfect for level check preparation! Talk with your teacher about adding current freestyle moves to the patterns you know to make you the ultimate nightclub dancer!

Whether you’re an advanced dancer or a newcomer, these dances will help you turn up the heat up while getting your groove on. So the next time you’re out on the dance floor, I want to see you sizzle!


Written by: ETHAN, Social Media, Dance, & Creative Director
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